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The Glo Cone™ is the newest novelty to hit the amusement park, carnival, circus, fair, and special event industry! They have been a hit at venues across the globe including Disney parks worldwide, Cedar Fair Amusement Parks, and many more. Add a bit of life to that ordinary stick of cotton candy with Glo Cone™!
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Glo Cone™ - LED Lit Cotton Candy Sticks

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Our small community will so love us using glo cones for our cotton candy fund raiser again this year. They have been a true hit with the kids and parents dont mind spending the extra money for their cotton candy.


To Gary!

Parties should be F U N, and details matter. As an Event Planner who is always on the search for awesome trending products, the Glo Cones are a big hit. Creative idea and awesome product.




It's good to be king of one of the biggest EDM festivals in the world ... 'cause it means you can score talent like Martin Garrix and Afrojack -- just to headline your kids' Bar/Bat Mitzvah!

Adam Russakoff, executive producer of Ultra Music Festival, dropped more than $250,000 for the Saturday night party at LIV at Fontainebleau in Miami. We're told his twin 13-year-olds -- a boy and a girl -- got some serious rave favors ... like cotton candy glow sticks!

The $250k tab, by the way, was just for the club and food. No word on if Garrix and Afrojack charged Adam, but considering he runs Ultra ... we're guessing this one was gratis.

Again ... good to be the king.




Included are some pictures from our River of Lights event at the Albuquerque Biological Park , at the Botanic Gardens. 

We had an attendance this year of around 80,000 people.  Our cotton candy sales were around $20,000 thanks to the wonderful glo sticks that your company has provided.  People would come to the gates and not want to pay admission, they just wanted the cotton candy on the glo stick! 

Next year we will be providing more locations throughout the park for these sales.  Great product! Great idea!


Annie Fedora
General Manager
Albq. Biological Park

Hi Gary,


Thanks again for sending us the Glo Cones. We used them for the first time in Bermuda last Wednesday and they were a huge success for us. We look forward to our next order with you.


All 4 Fun

Philip Bailey





We were lucky enough to trip onto the GloCone website last year when looking for the PERFECT Halloween "treat" for our 1,500 trick-or-treaters. We talked with Gary on numerous occasions to make sure we were making a worthwhile investment--Halloween is a very big deal at our house! Gary was easy to work with and followed up with us every time we had a question. He attended to our potential order with as much professionalism and care as he would for much larger orders at concert or amusement park venues.


The GloCones were perfect--a show- stopping, unique offering that provided a fun cotton candy treat on a cone that everyone would keep instead of using to litter our neighborhood. As it became dark, glowing sticks lit up our community, adding to children safety and bringing even more trick-or-treaters to our door. 


For months following Halloween, my own children saved their glo sticks to play with at night, enjoying the various light-flashing settings. I couldn't believe how much more durable they were than I would have anticipated at their low cost. There is no way we will ever find a better toy and treat prize for Halloween. This year we've increased our order to 2,000.


Michele Catten

Salt Lake City, Utah


September 10, 2014


Attn;    Mr. Gary Lauber




Dear Gary,


Wanted to let you know what a show stopper your Glo Cones were at my daughter’s bat mitzvah. We made a whole presentation featuring the Glo Cones during the party at the night club – 6 dancers carried out trays showcasing 125 glow cones and everyone – kids and adults - went crazy over how fantastic the Glo Cones looked and tasted.



The dance floor was black except for a sea of your beautiful gigantic rainbow cotton candy  Glo Cones – so memorable and impressive!! Great bang for the buck to entertain everyone in a unique way. I also so appreciate all the time you gave me and the great tips on how to make the cotton candy and the serving trays.



Your product is one in a million and your kindness and help preparing me for this momentous scene was so appreciated!



Thanks again.


Gratefully yours,





Mom from NYC




We have an Italian Ice Company and have been working with Gary at Glo Cone International for the last 3 years. The service and the product is TOP NOTCH!! This product is amazing! Every year we order several boxes of the Glo Cones and always sell about $10,000 worth of cotton candy during a 20 day event we do every year at night. When we order the product it is always shipped fast and on time. When we order more it arrives when we need it. The Glo Cones are so unique when people see us start to spin them lines form almost immediately! We will be ordering for many years to come. If I could find a place to sell these every weekend at night we would!




Gilbert AZ


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